Muffin Meals

No, these meals won't be muffins but Muffin is one of my nicknames. Besides, it sounds cute! After viewing the Vegan Lunchbox site, religiously, my Husband wants me to post my own menu. I will try to post one meal each day. I hope I inspire people to have creative and healthy home cooked meals. I think that even if you aren't a vegetarian, you'll like the meals I present. I do feature dairy products and eggs in my food from time to time, but will try my best to present vegan dishes as well.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Due to Passover cleaning, I kinda forgot to get this on yesterday. So you'll, again, get two posts in one day. Here's the first, our infamous pizza! Hey, it uses yeast, alright?! I again put rosemary into the crust, and let me tell you, I will NEVER, NEVER make crust without it...its that good. Wham, mushrooms, onions and broccoli are featured in yesterday's pizza. For dessert, I made pretzels again. Cinnamon and sugar, per DH's request. No salad today, didn't have time, cleaning and all.
Verdict: Mini Muffin ate one whole small pretzel, yes silly us, we ate dessert first. She then ate most of one piece of pizza. Us adults LOVED our food, and snarfed it down. The pretzels, well, there was only one left today, and that's gone now too. I'm not the keenest on sweet bread, but these were pretty good.


  • At 8:34 AM, Anonymous Puja said…

    Wow! Your pizza looks like professional/store/specialty pizza! Way to Go!!

  • At 10:36 AM, Blogger LadyRachelLynn said…

    LOL thanks. My neighbors come over and tell me that I make the neighborhood smell like a bakery. One neighbor always askes, when she comes by, what did you bake today...your apartment smells so GOOD!

    I'm glad to know that others think that my food LOOKS as good as it smells!


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