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No, these meals won't be muffins but Muffin is one of my nicknames. Besides, it sounds cute! After viewing the Vegan Lunchbox site, religiously, my Husband wants me to post my own menu. I will try to post one meal each day. I hope I inspire people to have creative and healthy home cooked meals. I think that even if you aren't a vegetarian, you'll like the meals I present. I do feature dairy products and eggs in my food from time to time, but will try my best to present vegan dishes as well.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Don't know if there will be a post this evening....I've been sick all weekend. Hopefully I'll be good as new tomorrow as Mini Muffin has her swimming lesson. She has made tremendous progress this last week and I don't want her to miss her lesson!

Editted to say I have a moment of quiet here. I'll post the marinade from the tofu burgers.

I took a ziploc sanwich-sized container I used approximately:

2 TB soysauce
2 TB olive oil
1 tsp each of oregano, paprika, thyme, and crushed rosemary.

I then stacked the four slices (all that would fit coincidently) and filled it with water. After sealing, I shook up the container a few times while let it sat for 20 minutes. The flavor wasn't extremely strong, but it did add flavor to the burgers. Letting it sit overnight will add more flavor.


  • At 3:35 PM, Blogger Musicknitter said…

    Thank you. Now I'll have to go use up the tofu I have on hand!
    I'll post something on my blog when I get around to making these if they aren't a horrible failure (tofu and I don't always get along...)

  • At 5:19 AM, Blogger Musicknitter said…

    I used your recipe and it turned out great. Check out a picture (that's not nearly as nice as yours, since I didn't photograph the whole meal) on my blog:


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