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No, these meals won't be muffins but Muffin is one of my nicknames. Besides, it sounds cute! After viewing the Vegan Lunchbox site, religiously, my Husband wants me to post my own menu. I will try to post one meal each day. I hope I inspire people to have creative and healthy home cooked meals. I think that even if you aren't a vegetarian, you'll like the meals I present. I do feature dairy products and eggs in my food from time to time, but will try my best to present vegan dishes as well.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stuffed Eggplant

Tonight I needed to use up our eggplant, and tried this new recipe! I stuffed the eggplant with a mixture of the removed eggplant, mushrooms, onions, and ritz crackers. You could easily use breadcrumbs or vegan crackers in place of that however. I baked it at 350 for close to an hr. Sides of sauteed green beans and yellow crooked neck squash.

One plate and you're full! Very tasty! Mini Muffin wasn't too thrilled, but again, she was tired, cranky and still getting well. The rest of us enjoyed our meal!

The eggplant was a bit bitter, so next time I'll soak it in salt water first.


  • At 9:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You know I love EGGPLANT!!!!!
    It's ok, I was elsewhere anyway, sigh.

    Corn Muffin

  • At 4:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I must say you come up with some pretty interesting dishes. lol I check your blog just about everyday to see what you're coming up with next :) Excellent work!!!

    - jen

  • At 8:06 PM, Blogger Claire said…

    This looks delicious! I LOVE eggplant and would love some new recipes. I tend to stick to two that I KNOW are good. I'll have to try this. Do you cook the inside before the stuff it back into the shell or let the oven do all the cooking?

  • At 8:36 PM, Blogger LadyRachelLynn said…

    Here's the recipe I modified. I'm linking to it in the blog as well.
    Stuffed Eggplant

    1 cups bread crumbs
    1 eggplant
    ½ can tomatoes (I only had a sandwich tom left, please use 1 tomato)
    ½ large onion, diced
    4 medium mushrooms, diced.
    salt to taste, more if eggplant is bitter
    Italian seasonings, such as Thyme, Oregano, Basil, Paprika, etc.
    Vegetable cooking spray

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
    Cut eggplants in half lengthwise. Scoop out and save the flesh, leaving the shells 3/8-inch thick. If necessary, trim a small piece off the bottom of each shell so it won't tip over. Set aside.
    Coat large skillet with vegetable cooking spray. Chop up reserved eggplant and add to skillet. Add tomato, onion, salt and herbs. Place skillet over medium heat; cover and cook about 5 minutes, until vegetables are tender, adding mushrooms halfway through.
    Remove skillet from heat. Stir in bread crumbs. Spoon mixture into the hollow eggplant shells.
    Arrange stuffed shells in a shallow baking dish coated with vegetable spray. Bake for 50 minutes, until filling heats through and top is golden brown.

    Another good site for recipes is Italian Food Forever

  • At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great eggplant idea. I love eggplant! I love green beans and squash too, so I would've been very happy with this meal.

  • At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oops, I forgot to sign my mesage above.


  • At 12:40 PM, Blogger Harmonia said…

    Oh! This looks great! I am always looking for eggplant ideas! Thanks! Hope things start to slow down for you soon!


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