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No, these meals won't be muffins but Muffin is one of my nicknames. Besides, it sounds cute! After viewing the Vegan Lunchbox site, religiously, my Husband wants me to post my own menu. I will try to post one meal each day. I hope I inspire people to have creative and healthy home cooked meals. I think that even if you aren't a vegetarian, you'll like the meals I present. I do feature dairy products and eggs in my food from time to time, but will try my best to present vegan dishes as well.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Squash Casserole and breakfast

I made a nice little breakfast for us the other day. It was in a small bowl, and I didn't think it would fill us up. We were all very happy with the size. Mini Muffin ate half of hers. Definately a good idea!

The Squash Casserole meal, was, yes, very yellow. Who said it was bad to eat lots of yellow!! Anyway, I got the recipe from Martha Stewart. I used 2 yellow crooked neck squash, one half of an onion, 1 C soymilk with corn starch added, 3 eggs, and 1.5 cups of cracker crumbs, thyme, salt and some cheese. MMMM.

We all loved it. Mini Muffin had a small amount and has decided yellow squash is her friend! She was too busy to eat a lot however!


  • At 5:24 PM, Blogger Claire said…

    That is the kind of breakfast I eat everyday! I also agree with Rachel...squash is my friend!


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