Muffin Meals

No, these meals won't be muffins but Muffin is one of my nicknames. Besides, it sounds cute! After viewing the Vegan Lunchbox site, religiously, my Husband wants me to post my own menu. I will try to post one meal each day. I hope I inspire people to have creative and healthy home cooked meals. I think that even if you aren't a vegetarian, you'll like the meals I present. I do feature dairy products and eggs in my food from time to time, but will try my best to present vegan dishes as well.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Yesterday I was out for most of the day and then had to make cookies when I got back. SOOO.. I made some simple.

I layered my sandwich with spinach, green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and one slice of cheese and some of that infamous vegetarian turkey. It was a very good sandwich.

Mini Muffin ate some tomatoes, and cucumbers, and a few bites of her little piece of turkey, but then apparently gave the dog the rest.

Tonight I'm making macaroni and cheese....mmmm


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